I have been taking a walk for my health and  to lose weight.  While my main exercise has been walking I have added other things as well. I go swimming, workout on the rowing machine now and then, the treadmill once in a while. All the other exercises are to break up the monotony. I know if I get bored I will quit….

Murder in the Park On Workout Wednesday

Murder in the Park

Ha. Murder in the Park. I thought that would get your attention. There were no bodies. There were no weapons. There were no suspects. Yet, there was indeed a Murder in the Park. Think on it. I will explain in a bit. Its Workout Wednesday and I actually worked out.  I took a walk around the park. Usually when I…

Fall Leaves

Fall as arrived and with it all those colorful leaves. I live in an area where we do not get real fall weather. It is rather temperate here, but we do get some leaves changing colors and trees going dormant. It can be rather pretty to see the oranges, the reds, the browns, the  golds in among the Evergreens. I…