Turkey Meat Loaf

Turkey Meat Loaf

Is Meat Loaf one word or two?  Anyway another video. Turkey Meat Loaf this time. It is actually very good. Can you say YUM? I will admit, though, that every time I make these videos I think that  I look horrible but the whole idea of cooking things like Turkey Meat Loaf and such is to, hopefully,help me lose weight….

Nintendo audio played by player piano and robotic percussion

This is pretty darn cool, not to mention a trip down memory lane. Robots playing the piano drums and other instruments the tune being Nintendo games…the old good ones… Although I am far from critical and just enjoy this for what it is, I am sure there are those who will notice a few boo boos here and there. But…

New Sony Camcorder

Got this amazing new Camcorder for my birthday. Thank you Matt! Thank you Honey! It is a SonyHDR-CX290 Handycam. This thing is amazing. It fits my tiny hands well, the sound and picture quality is amazing. So it has been easy to use. I have just pointed and pushed record. It also has been easy to upload to my computer and…