Mighty Small

World's Smallest Teddy Bear 
German artist Bettina Kaminski's "Mini the Pooh," at just 5 mm tall, is the world's smallest Teddy Bear!

You’ve heard it before. BIGger is better. Go BIG or go home. Speak softly and carry a BIG stick. Oh yea? I disagree. Although BIG is good sometimes it is the little things in life that make it all worth while. Here are some mighty awesome small things.. (Special Thanks to my friend Martin) Worlds Smallest Movie: A Boy and…

The California Academy of Sciences


The California Academy of Sciences is not only among the world’s  largest  natural history museum, it is a pretty awesome place to visit.  The Academy has a long and varied history that includes helping out during World War 11 (they repaired and fixed the US Navy’ optics). It houses a rainforest dome, Steinhart Aquarium, Africa hall, Planetarium. There is Foulcault…

News You May Have Missed


School Closed Three Times Due to Spiders Montgomery Elementary School in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania has closed not once, not twice but three times due to venomous spiders being found.  The spider, a Brown Recluse, was found on Tuesday and the Tuscarora School District decided to close the school after meeting with their pest control people  Last year , the spiders were found in…