The Battle of New Orleans


“In 1814 we took a little trip Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip We took a little bacon and we took a little beans And we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans”   The song the Battle of New Orleans’ sung by Johnny Horton, although a fun song, speaks of a very real battle….

Paper Dolls


The other day when I was perusing Facebook one of the posts showed a picture of paper dolls and then asked if anyone remembered them.  I certainly did! Maybe not the ones they showed exactly, but I was definitely a Paper Doll gal. One year for Christmas, I got some real Paper Dolls, Holly Hobby I believe. The kind you…


Alex Vidal Brecas—EPA The Chilean Calbuco volcano seen from Puerto Montt, located 600 miles south of Santiago de Chile, Chile on April 22, 2015.

One of my favorite movies to watch to pass the time is Dante’s Peak with Pierce  Bronson.  It is a pretty good movie but I have to admit I watch it because of Bronson.  The other one with Bruce Willis is a better movie. Neither of them however can compare to the real deal. The Calbuco Volcano in Chile has remained…

Pearl Harbor


At 7:48 am,  December 7th, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor located on Ohau, Hawaii.  The base was attacked by 353 Japanese fighter planes, bombers, and torpedo planes in two waves, launched from six aircraft The attack was devastating,  intended to keep the American fleet from interfering in operations the Japanese had planned. The attack had the opposite effect  and launch America…

Letters of Bud and Peg


My brother in law David came over the other day and brought me two old books. They were actually letters that my Father in law and mother in law wrote to each when they were apart.  Much like a diary except the other could read it. They were apart for a bit because The Bear was in the Merchant Marines…