Dirt Bike Riding


I went dirt bike riding this weekend. Well, that certainly does give the illusion that I was going sideways around corners and flying off the top of dirt hills that have been expertly groomed and speeding down tracks that have been watered to minimize any dust there may be. While I have nothing against that type of riding, I am…

Workout Wendnesday

Workout Wednesday

I had finished my pulmonary rehab a few weeks ago and honestly haven’t been working out that much. I had a brief visit to the ER with breathing problems and then my mom passed.  Been eating badly and laying around. Not very healthy. It is funny a little bit of stress and it is so easy to justify eating fast…

I work Out! (Wednesday Work Out)

In Feb of 2012 I was diagnosed with Emphysema, Bullous Emphysema, and Emphysematous Bleb. I am not going into what all that means technically. Let’s just say it is harder for me to catch my breath. Yes I was a smoker, key word being WAS. It was incredibly difficult to quit and honestly I would still smoke if I could….