I have been taking a walk for my health and  to lose weight.  While my main exercise has been walking I have added other things as well. I go swimming, workout on the rowing machine now and then, the treadmill once in a while. All the other exercises are to break up the monotony. I know if I get bored I will quit….

Weight Loss

For some reason I did not want to write about this  weight loss today. I almost feel a bit whiny. I know I am not. I am on a Journey that perhaps others are on, maybe not. Yet, I still feel as if I am bothering everyone with my thoughts on weight loss and what is going on with me. Maybe it is…

Dirt Bike Riding


I went dirt bike riding this weekend. Well, that certainly does give the illusion that I was going sideways around corners and flying off the top of dirt hills that have been expertly groomed and speeding down tracks that have been watered to minimize any dust there may be. While I have nothing against that type of riding, I am…