Workout Wendnesday

Workout Wednesday

I had finished my pulmonary rehab a few weeks ago and honestly haven’t been working out that much. I had a brief visit to the ER with breathing problems and then my mom passed.  Been eating badly and laying around. Not very healthy. It is funny a little bit of stress and it is so easy to justify eating fast…

I work Out! (Wednesday Work Out)

In Feb of 2012 I was diagnosed with Emphysema, Bullous Emphysema, and Emphysematous Bleb. I am not going into what all that means technically. Let’s just say it is harder for me to catch my breath. Yes I was a smoker, key word being WAS. It was incredibly difficult to quit and honestly I would still smoke if I could….

Non Smoker for 90 days and now I am running (well not really)

I have managed to not smoke for 90 days. I am no longer using the patches. I had stepped down to the lightest one available and honestly kept forgetting to put them on. After a couple of days of that, I decided that I did not need them.  Takes a while but I can catch on. I am using the…