Murder in the Park On Workout Wednesday

Murder in the Park

Ha. Murder in the Park. I thought that would get your attention. There were no bodies. There were no weapons. There were no suspects. Yet, there was indeed a Murder in the Park. Think on it. I will explain in a bit. Its Workout Wednesday and I actually worked out.  I took a walk around the park. Usually when I…

Of Bugs, A Hummingbird and Missings Posts

rolly polly

It has come to my attention that the last installment of the Words story is not there. Well, actually what the message said was,”Are you ever going to finish the story about the guy whose words come true?” The answer to that was I thought I did. I went  looking and the post is kaput, gone, sucked into the black…

Mourning Dove

Mourning Doves

Went for a walk this morning. It was a beautiful morning as well. We had thunderstorms and lots of rain last night so everything had been washed clean by the rain. It was  so quiet and calm. The whole world just smelled nice. There was also  that feeling of anticipation in the air as there is another storm rolling in….