Oh no! You broke a mirror! That’s seven years bad luck for you! Accidentally walked under a ladder? More bad luck! And is that a black cat about to cross your path? More bad luck on the way.

Superstition beliefs have been around as long as man has. We all have a little bit of it in us…a believe that is something happens or we don’t do something in a certain than bad luck will fall upon us. Believes such as there should be no knots during a marriage service or the opposite that the lack of knots will doom the marriage. Those who play sports have superstitions that they believe help them play the game. A football player may not change his socks if he made a great play previously. Baseball players try not to touch the chalk line when coming onto the field in order to prevent bad luck.  Pregnant women with heartburn will give birth to a child with a lot of hair. Below is listed some of the crazier superstitions from around the world.

  • A cure for warts consisted of tying knots in a string and then hiding it under a stone. Whoever walked on that stone would catch the warts and the original sufferer would be freed of them.
  • Stumbling when going upstairs is good luck, stumbling when coming down is bad luck (I would imagine stumbling downstairs hurts more than stumbling up!)
  • Scissors are unlucky as gifts because they can cut the ties of friendship and love.
  • It is bad luck to put a hat on a bed.
  • Tossing a penny overboard while at sea will ensure a safe trip.
  • If you make a grimace while the tide is turning then the ugly expression will be frozen on your face forever.
  • It is bad luck to meet a funeral procession head on.

This list could go on and on, but it shall stop there. I do believe it is unlucky to continue lists about luck!

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