Stupid Guy Thing Day

Guess what. Exactly 3 days after we celebrate how great dads are, we rush right into how stupid guys can be. That is correct. June 22 is Stupid Guy Thing Day.  I do not know how this day got started. I mean, do guys really do stupid things? I dunno. My man does some really great things.  I think many women purposefully hook up with guys who do stupid things so they can feel superior. Yea?  Maybe? Ok not really. I think that yes, guys do dumb things and  to have a day all to their own to commemorate all the stupid guys things that are committed seems fitting. So here you go, in pictures, Stupid Guy Thing:


Planking on sleeping maneater is a stupid guy thing

Stupid Guy planking on sleeping tiger.


sitting under heavy equipment is a stupid guy thing

Lunch time, need shade, right?


Don't have the right equipment? Stupid guy thing

Don’t have the right equipment? No worries, there is no I in team.


Again, what are friends for? Stupid guy thing

Again, what are friends for?


And, well, This stupid guy thing, militia

And, well, This


thats right give the baby and axe, what a stupid guy thing to do

Teaching his little Bud young.