Bubble Bath Day

Oh! Who doesn’t like bubble baths? Today is Bubble Bath Day! Everybody in the tub! Bubble baths are a fairly recent activity. The first bubble baths were created with effervescent bath salts. Bubbles baths were easy (though slimy) when soap began to be sold as flaked.

Trivia Day

Yay! It is here! It is Trivia Day! Today is the day to let all that useless knowledge that swirls around in our brains out into the world. This is the day to dazzle your friends with all of your useless knowledge! What? Not good at trivia? Well there are many books and many websites out there on trivia..go look…

Happy National Roof Over Your Head Day!

Wow! Can hardly believe it is National Roof Over Your Head Day…again. It is a day to celebrate the good things you have in life starting with the roof over your head. So tilt your head back, look up and appreciate that fine roof. In honor of this day here are some pictures of some mighty fine roofs.