Most Excellent Christmas

We had the bestest Christmas ever. Not only did we get great presents, we also got to sleep-in, snuggling under the covers in a nice warm bed.  It was very cold this morning and with no small children about we were able to stay in bed until our bladders insisted we get up. It was incredibly wonderful.

Then after presents, and warm cinnamon rolls, off for a walk down a trail next to a creek.  Saw ducks and gooses and herons and egrets and hawks with nummies in claw (not so nummy watching it enjoy its mousey treat though). Enjoyed the walk.


Back home to sit around and chat with family. Then pizza for dinner, homemade at that,  ooey gooey cheesy pepperoni! And now with full tums-tums just sitting, digesting and more yapping at each other.

Good times, my friends, good time