I left you last time with just an introduction…here, now, is the first installment.

“Golden Egg or not! I don’t see why I have to put fresh moss on its stupid nest before I get any breakfast every day!” Froy packed fistfuls of damp moss onto the nest for what seemed like the hundredth time
“Just cause my dad did it doesn’t mean I should have to! Only cause I am a boy.”
Froy leaned down and picked up more moss.  Froy was hungry and when Froy got hungry, he got grumpy.  Since he was hungry most of the time, Froy was usually grumpy.
“It’s not FAIR!” He yelled as he straightened up and threw the moss at the nest.  Some the moss hit the Golden Egg itself and Froy watch in horror as a crack appeared on the smooth surface.
“Oh Gads! I’ve done it now!”
Froy turned and ran back to the tree where his mother family had already sat down to eat breakfast.  He burst into the cooking area, ran past his surprised mother holding a pan of acorn pancakes, pas his brothers and sisters already eating at the table and past his father coming out of the sleeping area.  Froy ran up the stairs and kept on running until he reached the top of the tree. He threw himself down in a darkened corner and burst into tears, his empty stomach forgotten.
Downstairs, everyone was frozen in place until father asked in his loudest voice, “what in the world was that?
Everyone, except Mother, started to talk at once.
“I think it was Froy,” Slake the eldest said shoveling pancakes into his mouth
“Yeah, he probably saw a girl!” another brother’s reply brought giggles from the twins.
“She probably said hi” big sister said.
“Nah” another sibling,said his mouth full of food, “he probably saw his shadow. Scared him out of his mind!”
“Fren, don’t talk with your mouth full and you girls quit giggling and start eating or you will be late.  You know how teacher gets if you are late.” Mother added more pancakes to the table.
“Was that FROY?”  Father boomed, his tunic only half on.
“Shh father, you’ll wake the babies,” mother replied. “Yes, I do believe that was Froy and he looked a little upset.”
“Oh, he’ll get over it, whatever it was” Father reached for the sleeve of his tunic, doing a half dance trying to reach it.
Mother grabbed the sleeve and put fathers arm into it.  Buttoning up the front, Ma sighed, “Father, Froy is upset. He passed up food. I was holding a whole pan of fresh pancakes and he didn’t even try to steal one.  I think you should go see what’s the matter.”
“Oh Gads, Mother, must I?” At mothers look, Father added, “Oh very well. What way did he go?”
Mother and all of Froy’s siblings pointed the stairs leading to the treetop.
“Oh by the Golden EGG! GADS! Froy better have a really good problem making his poor old father climb all of those stairs!” Father rolled his eyes at mother and started up the stairs.
Five minutes later, he dragged himself into the treetop room, huffing and puffing.
“Froy” Father wheezed, “Where are you?”
“Over here, father” Froy whispered from the corner of the room, where he was hugging his knees, tears streaking down his face.
Father looked at his unhappy son. What by the Egg, has he done now?  He thought. Aloud he boomed, “What is your problem son? If I had made my father walk up all the those stairs, he would have had my hide.  Do you know what it is like for an old man like me to make a trip up all those stars? This had better be good.  What in Gads name……”
“I cracked the Egg” Froy interrupted his father.
“What Egg?”
“THE Egg”
“The Egg?” Father wasn’t sure he had heard that correctly. “THE Egg? “
“THE EGG, THE GOLDEN EGG, I cracked it father.”
Father stared at his son. “YOU cracked THE EGG? Son, that’s not funny. Now what’s really wrong with you?”
Froy looked up at his father, “It’s not a joke. I really cracked the Egg, THE Golden Egg. I picked up some moss and I was getting, you know, hungry and I got mad and I threw the moss. It hit the Egg and then the Egg” Froy swallowed a sob. “It cracked, really.”
Froy flew out the window and waited for his father at the bottom of the tree. Just as Froy started to think he could go inside and grab some of those acorn pancakes his father walked outside.
“Froy, you have to quit flying out of windows.  You are getting older and pretty soon you are going to be too big for your wings. They won’t support you and you are going to jump out of a window and land on your head.”
Froy looked at his father’s small useless wings. “Why can’t boys fly? Why can the girls and Mother fly all their life but us guys grow up and have to walk everywhere?”
Father and Froy began walking towards the nest.
“That’s because the girls take care of the plants, the trees, and the whole meadow as a matter of fact.  The women and the kids. Us men make all the rules and take care of the girls”
“But the King can fly”
“Yes he can and that’s why he is the King.  He has to take care of everything and everybody. And of course he protects the Egg which…..” Father broke off his sentence for they had reached the golden Egg.
Staring at the crack on the surface of the Egg, Father gulped, “Gads, son.  You cracked it.  You really cracked it!”
Froy glanced at the cracked then stared at his feet. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. I was hungry.”
“Well, I don’t know what, Oh Gads. Maybe we ought to, oh Gads.” Stuttered father, “Oh Gads.  I think, well, I, um…..I think we need to tell the King.”

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