Friday Furries

Furries! Run, hide the children, hide the dog, Furries are about. You know what they say about furries don’t you? You don’t? Don’t you watch TV? CSI did a whole show about them. They are murderous, bestiality loving pedophiles. Do you Read? Vanity Fair wrote all about them! They are gay, sexually deviant, mentally unbalanced people, some like to have sex with stuffed animals even, calling themselves Plushies.  Ah, but the CSI eposide was in 2003 and the Vanity Fair Article was in 2001. So, you might have heard about them but not really seen them. There is an article in a newspaper recently that talked about the negative influence of Furries on a girl’s soccer team that happened to be going to convention in San Jose where there was also a convention of Furries going on. God forbid! Those poor girls.

Cat Furry

I recently started to learn about Furries. Ok what really happened is I was asked to help make a wolf tail. And I did help. Did not think anything of it. Well then that person told me about a convention they were going to. Like Comic-Con but instead of comic book characters they were folks who admire animals and their traits, whether those animals were real or imagined. I was a lttle taken aback by that. Not because of the subject, but that there were that many folks who were into it that they could have a convention. But again I did not really think much of it. So what. Seemed like it was a group of people who are fans of a concept, who seem to know how to have fun and are doing just fine.  The kicker, was being notified that this same person was expecting a delivery to made to my home, of a fur-suit. Really?  What the hell is a fur suit.


I truly knew very little about the whole Furry thing. I started to look into it, to educate myself. Being a gal in this electronic, digital age I did what anyone would do, I Googled it. Holy Cow. There are certainly a lot of opinions out there about who and what Furries are and what the purpose is. I mean really. A lot of stuff I read is borderline paranoid. People seem to feel that Furries are sexual deviants that are out to kidnap your children and eat them for breakfast. Or perhaps they are mass murders. It also seemed that as I stated above, that many, many people get their opinions from the always-factual CSI and a few magazine articles. Me, being me, wasn’t really happy with what I was finding. I did get a lot on line,but it wasn’t enough. It was difficult to find real information. I did the next logical thing. I asked people. I went out and talked to people to see if they knew what a Furry was. They did not, I got more of the same that I found on line. I can even bet that many of you reading this, have an opinion on what a furry is. And I am willing to bet that many of you are wrong.

FurCon 2012 event

Then I asked the Furry community. I was fortunate to be able to talk to some of them in  person. I also created a brief questionnaire on line and received many responses.  I can now say that I have a better picture of what a Furry is.   Over the next few weeks, I will be posting my results and my impressions from literally weeks of research.  I would like to say thank you to all of those who participated in my little survey and to those who have very patiently answered my questions, some of which were quite redundant and perhaps silly. I so appreciate it.

FurCon 2012 participants

In closing for now, I will say I am not a furry. I do not intend to become one. I do believe that, as I was recently told, that there is a little of the Furry in all of us.  Perhaps in the weeks to come you will understand what that means.



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6 thoughts on “Friday Furries”

  1. Anonymous - July 16, 2012 3:54 pm

    there is something wrong with those sick bastards.

    1. T Whitaker - July 16, 2012 3:57 pm

      Why do you say that?

        1. T Whitaker - July 22, 2012 3:13 pm

          Goodness you seem to be pretty dead set against Furries. But I do think that perhaps instead of replying with links to silly web pages (Encyclopedia Dramatica really?) you should perhaps have an opinion of your own, maybe even one based on some research and facts.

  2. Anonymous - July 19, 2012 11:39 pm

    Furries are not the sick freaks those articles and tv shows make them out to be i have been a member for 2 years now and i have never done any of those things thats just a simple case of the outspoken minority overshadowing the silent majority

    1. T Whitaker - July 20, 2012 1:12 am

      I have never really heard about Furries until recently. Well not totally true. I heard about them but never gave it a second thought. Recently however i have been meeting more and more who are part of the culture and have heard more and more of what others think it is. Me, being me, although pretty accepting of things, got curious and set out to find out more. And more I did find out, which I shall share in the coming weeks. Look for more posts on Friday.

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