Friday Furries

Like most conventions, when there are a large amount of costumed folks people it attracts attention and of course, people want to know what it is going on. When it is found out that there is a convention and one must register to attend, the curiosity level rises. For some reason, closed doors denotes a mystery that must be solved, but not at any cost. Rather  than buy a ticket, people tend to come to a conclusion based on what they can see and not necessarily what truly is. We all do it, think “I’ll believe it when I see it.” [Read more about Conventions]
I did ask in the survey: What DO you do at convention? The answers for the most part were boring. I guess I expected, like most of you, to have drunken escapades, wild room parties, naughty films, but mostly, lots of drinking. I mean there are a lot of young folks in attendance.

“The same thing you do at any convention.  See what they have to offer, the artists, the merchandise, and meeting new people and friends.” ~ Anonymous

“I’ve only been to one so it was a learning experience, I really don’t know how to have fun anymore so I’m having to learn it all over again.Two big things were attending panels on various subjects like making fursuits or such.  And the parade where I got to show off my fursuit I made and it was such an overwhelming experience that when I saw the crowd of cameras and audience I felt more famous than Cher and Madonna combined as I put it.  It really made me feel better about myself!Plus so many other things like meeting friends, going out to dinner, taking pictures, doing dances, looking at incredible art, and much, much more!”~Excelsior The Lion

“I hang out. I like to play the poker tournaments, watch events like fursuit Olympics and dance offs. I’ve gone to a christian meet-up to meet other christian furs. Sometimes Ijust fursuit and walk around and interact with other people. Also there is nightly dances I like to go to those I mean who doesnt like to dance? Also I try to follow the 6-3-2 rule. 6 hours of sleep, 3 meals and 2 showers a day. but when I fursuit I probably shower like 5 times  a day its sweaty XD” ~WolfyLion

I was able to get a program for one of the more recent conventions. I sat down to read what was on the menu for the entire convention. While there was definitely the more exotic programs offered, for the most part the events were rather surprising and some were downright nerdy.  Here are some of the offerings:

Thursday  9:30pm The Meow Mixer (Opening-Night Dance)
Friday 11”00 am Alternate Energy: Fusion
Friday 1:00 pm First-Aid Training
Friday 8:00 pm Fursuit Dance Competition
Saturday 11:00 am Tai-chi Saturday
Saturday 5:00 pm Fursuit Construction Introduction
Saturday 6:00 pm Desserts to Die For
Sunday 11:00 am Critterlypmics
Sunday 1:00 pm Ceres, Our Newest “Dwarf” Planet
Sunday 3:00pm Pokeman Panel
Monday 7:00 pm Dead-Dog Dance

The above is a very, very small sampling of the going-ons. There are multiple events one can choose from at all hours day and night during the convention. Although I personally am not a Furry, I would go just for some of the panels. There seems to be a lot of fiction writing panels. I would love to sit in on  those particular panels.

“I meet new Furs (People) And talk to famous artist and authors  and dance and go to room parties”~Nico Tiger

“Hang out, commission artists, go to panels, go to the events and dances.  Sometimes it’s fun to just walk around in suit and get your picture taken or take pictures of furries.  Panels range from furry related to non-furry related. Usually have to do with making fursuits, maintenance of suits, drawing, writing, dancing, etc etc etc.”  ~ RT

Having been to conventions before, mostly for business purposes, talking to those who have attended FurCons, it would seem to me that a Furry Convention is like any other convention, if not a little more nerdy than most.  I will say that i do persue the program and the one thing Idid not really see was the when where and what time the Furry Orgy was because it was not there. As I was writing this, I kept getting flashbacks to the one-time stereotype of Salesmen Conventions. The one where they drink a lot, are loud and chase women. While I am sure that there were some of those salesmen who engaged in such behavior, I would bet that that was and is not true for the majority. As one hears a lot on the web..Jes Sayin.