Fall Horsies, Bubbles and a Loomed Wolf

Fall Horsies, Bubbles and a Loomed Wolf

This update I show you some Fall horsies sporting some lovely little hats. While I did not weave the hats are make them out of felt I did decorate them. The only reason I am not making the hats is that it is ridiculously time consuming to make them. I did try.  It turns out that to keep the cost down buying the hats was the way to go. I still want to try to make the hats.  I will previal! LOL

Anyway besides the horsies, I show you Bubbles the whale. He is a blue whale and I have to  say I do not know why I call him Bubbles. The truth of the matter is as I make them, I start calling them a name that comes to me. That is how they get named. Guess somewhere in my brain is large file of names for plushies.

I show a loomed wolf that i made a while back. It is made of seed beads  and pretty cool. Except when I glued leather to the back I made it crooked. Grrr.  I usually just frame the loom work, but heard about a technique of gluing it to leather to make it stable and easier (cheaper) to sell or giveaway.  So while I learned something, I messed this one up. My mess up your gain. Message me if interested in purchasing.



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