Emphysema Update 1/1/19

A little over 15 months ago, I started to work at a retail store here in my town. I was pretty excited to having some extra spending money and, quite honestly, happy I was healthy enough to go to work. I had worked hard. I watched what I ate, I exercised regularly and was able to get off the heavy doses of Prednisone and all but an Albuterol inhaler. My knees were , but, hey, getting older ain’t for the weak. I learned new exercises to help with me knees, Everything was great except it wasn’t.

I found myself getting tired, beyond working tired. More like exhausted beyond belief I could sleep 8 to 12 hours and wake up tired. I had more days of just feeling yucky in a week than I had days of feeling great. Finally I emailed my doctor and she put me on an inhaled Corticosteriod. Exactly what I didn’t want in my life. My question to her was this a normal progression of my emphysema or was something else going on.

The hubby was upset that the doctor would prescribe something without seeing me. He nagged me enough I made an appointment with a Pulmonologist. I never want to see one because it means I am sick. In my brain, seeing a specialist is akin to admitting defeat and acceptance of my disease. Yeah I know, whether I see one or not doesn’t change the fact I have emphysema. Yet, holding off seems a bit like holding of the disease,.

Anyway, off I go and of course he has me walk around, listens to my lungs, listens to me (hugely important to me) and sends me off for a lung function test.. Hubby went with me to that one. We were having a lovely little lunch when I got the email about the test. I have deteriorated. Quite a bit actually. He sent me results for previous two tests and there was a definite difference. I cried. In the restaurant, Embarrassing

So back to work. My husband is the kind of guy who thinks these things through logically he asked the questions, “What’s different?” “What Changed?” going through a check list, the only thing different was I started work. With lots of people interaction. People who come into stores sick, or reeking of cigarette or marijuana smoke. Lets don’t even mention the sugary and salty snacks available ALL the time. So not good for me. So I quit work.

Now my job is to get back on track. To get back to exercising daily, back to eating a non processed diet, back to taking care of my body. Your lungs are a huge part of your immune system. Taking care of them will help keep one healthier and having more energy. While I may not be able to get off the current medicine, I am hoping my doing what was successful before will keep me off of anymore for a long time.