Drop Of Blood……….. 4


brainMeg found herself at the mall that was located across the street from the office.  She walked aimlessly through the mall not really seeing the stores and their offering, in fact, not even seeing the other mall shoppers. She didn’t hear the music or the people. She paid no attention the kiosk workers trying to sell her their miracle products All Meg heard was “Never again will words be your weapons”. It was repeating in her head. Did she kill Stacy?

Meg didn’t know. She tried to remember what happened during the last week but nothing came to her. She walked and tried hard to remember. She remembered the hospital, she remember going home and putting the medicine on the kitchen counter where it was when she left for work today.  She remember sitting on the couch and then that is it. Nothing until this morning when she got into the cab. She didn’t even remember getting ready to go to work. No hitting the alarm. Breakfast, a shower none of that. It was as if someone else got ready. And maybe someone else killed Stacy.

Maybe Meg did not remember because it was traumatic. Lord knows she wanted to silence Stacy often enough, to shut her up forever. A couple of times Meg had wished Stacy dead. Maybe, just maybe Meg finally broke and killed her. But damn she couldn’t remember.  And why not kill the rest of them too. The ones that sat with Stacy and did nothing to stop her.  Oh hell, she did not feel like a killer. If she could only remember what happened last week.

Her head was starting to hurt. Just a creeping little pain in the forehead, but Meg knew that it was going to go full major pain if she didn’t sit down and relax. She never had migraines before but it seemed as if she got them more the more stressed out she was. Meg was definitely stressing herself out.  She decided that if she had killed Stacy or was a suspect then the police would come talk to her.  Right?

After finding a little restaurant and having some food. Meg was feeling better and ran back across the street to get her car. She had no desire to go back to work and besides it was almost quitting time anyway.  She was able to relax herself enough to stop the headache from growing bigger, so why go into the office and give it another chance to come back.

She drove home on the surface streets and avoided the traffic on the freeway. It took her longer to get home, but again, Meg was attempting to have a little less stress. Therefore, no traffic and when she got home she had already decided to have some chamomile tea. That was supposed to be relaxing. She almost laughed at herself. Next thing you know she was going to do Zen meditations or something.

She pulled up to her apartment building. There were a couple of cop cars in the parking lot.   The Kolinsky’s must be fighting again. They were an older couple and once a month when they got their pension check they both got drunk and inevitably one or the other, sometimes both, would beat each other up and the cops were called.  She was glad she wasn’t here to hear the fight this time. Stress free she would remain.

She walked into the lobby and her stress level rose. The officers were not there for the Kolinsky’s, they were there for her. Oh God maybe she did kill Stacy. They wanted to talk to her. They could do it here, in her apartment or at the station. Well the lobby was no good, there was already a group of residents gathering, and Meg did not want to be seen getting into a police car so her apartment it would.  The Officers, Sam Roper and Mike Staid they claimed their names were, followed her up the stairs and into her apartment. Sam Roper was a large man easily 6 foot 5 and must have weight 350 pounds of solid muscle.  He roamed through her studio apartment and looked into the bathroom.  Meg was sure he was looking for a bad person or something, and was definitely judging her by the clutter in her apartment. It was not big but cleanliness was not Meg’s strong pint. There were clothe hanging over her rocking chair and dishes in her kitchenette sink. Her last foray to the grocery store was still seating on the floor.  She had put up the frozen and refrigerator stuff but had not yet put the other away.

Officer Staid, (oh please call him Mike), pushed some of her books away, and sat in the chair across from the sofa where Meg had sat down. She looked over at officer roper who had picked up one of her pill bottles and was reading the subscription. He looked at her with one eyebrow raised. Meg wondered what that was about.  They were legit and if he counted them, he would know that she had not taken any of them.

“So I am sure you know why we are here.”  Mike Staid said breaking the silence

Meg knew but she learned a long time ago thanks to an abusive father to never give up what you know. Always get more information before answering questions. Megan Lynn, her father would say, do you know why you are in trouble and if Meg answered yes, it was because of this or that she was always wrong and got into double trouble.

Meg turned her gaze from Officer Roper and looked and Officer Staid, mike please. “No I am not sure. Why are you here?”

“You have heard that your co-worker Stacy Lee was murdered.”

Officer Roper came over and stood by the door. Stacy nodded.

“I learned this morning. I have been sick and was not at work for a week until today. “

Roper continued, “I hear she was quite the bully towards you, that she liked to pick on you.”

Meg nodded,

“Wonder why she was like that?”  He stared at her.

“I don’t know,” Meg replied“, I truly don’t know. I have no idea what I did to her.”

“So when was the last time you saw her?”

“The day I went to the emergency room. My nose kept bleeding. “


From the doorway the other officer stated, “That was   over a week ago.”

Before Meg could say anything, he continued “so did you stay in the hospital, did you come home? Why didn’t you go back to work for a week.  Did you get doctors’ orders to rest? Are you sure you not seen Stacy in the week you were out of work.

“I huh, was here for the week. I think.  I had horrible headache so it was kind of blur “Meg stammered. What would they do if they knew she didn’t remember.  She decided to make something up beside it really was a blur. The officers stayed for a while longer, asking questions, jotting things down in their notebooks, by the time they left Megs headache had come back. It was not super bad yet but it was trying to be.  She was standing by the counter thinking that maybe she would take a pill for the head when she heard someone say

“You said you were going to drink chamomile”

She turned expecting someone to be in her door. No one was there. “

Chamomile tea “the voice said, “Drink it”.

“Who’s there?” Meg asked.

“No one” said the voice, “just me”

“Where are you she asked?”

“With you” answered the voice. “With you.”