A Drop Of Blood …3


brainMeg ended up in the County Hospital Emergency Room courtesy of Swift EMT Medical Transport and that stupid Stacy.  She really had wished that Stacy had left her alone that day.  As soon as Stacy started on her, Meg got a headache that just grew and grew, the pressure was intense, and then her nose started to bleed again.  She had run to the bathroom to try to stop the bleeding besides it was embarrassing.  Then the EMTs showed up. They were not even hot like on TV. One was overweight and smelled of onions and the other was a chick who was more masculine then most guys.

Meg secretly had hoped the doctors could tell her what was up with the nosebleeds and the headache. Not to be.  Just as Meg saw a doctor, the overhead speakers blared. It seemed there was some kind of shooting and the Emergency room was soon to be inundated with bleeding thugs. The Doctor quickly wrote her two subscriptions, one for her headaches and one for a muscle relaxer. Meg wasn’t sure why the muscle relaxer.

The nurse sent her home with a packet of gauze and an instruction sheet on how to prevent nosebleeds and migraines and all her medicines. Meg signed the release paper promising to not hold the hospital liable if she dropped dead on the way home. She grabbed a taxi and went home.

It was another week before Meg went back to work. She had had no more nosebleeds and no more headaches but she also had no idea what happened during that week.  It was blank.  She could not blame the meds because she had taken none of them.  Meg remembered paying the taxi driver and coming into her apartment, she sat on the couch and that was the last thing she remembered.  Until this morning. She came to drinking a cup of coffee.   She put it down to stress and the fact that she had lost some blood. She must have slept.

She had to take a taxi to work because her car was still there. At least Meg hoped her car was still there and had not been towed.  As she paid the driver, she looked into the parking lot. Thank fully it was there, parked in the same place she always parked, every day forever.   She turned and walked into work. This time she had made sure to have her badge clearly visible on her lanyard. Eric did not even look at her.  That was weird.

She got into the next elevator with some of the engineers, they also avoided eye contact with her, and their good mornings seemed a little stilted.  Up in her department as she took her seat the rest of her workmates seemed to ignore her. The atmosphere was not so frosty and a bit sad.  Her boss asked her how she was. Meg made some condition that was now fixed to answer the boss’s questions about her health.  The conversation took less than 3 minutes.  It was not until lunch that Meg found out what the problem was the reason for the ad chilly atmosphere.

Meg walked into the lunchroom.  She intended to use the microwave to heat up the frozen meal she had. Bu there was a little sign that proclaimed the microwave inoperable. Great.   Meg thought that maybe she would not eat today. She did not want to see Stacy and she would if she walked across to where the sandwich machine was.  Her stomach growled. Ok maybe she could get across without getting too much crap. It usually took Stacy a bit to warm up.  Meg turned the corner and gave a quick glance at the table Stacy usually sat at. She wasn’t there.

Med stopped and looked at the rest of the Stacy gang. They all looked quite sad and down in the mouth.

Meg couldn’t help it, she blurted out, “Where’s Stacy”

Milton looked at Meg. He pushed his glass back up his nose and said, “You don’t know? Stacy is dead”

Meg did not expect that. Stacy was dead? She asked how. Stacy was murdered.   Murdered.  It was particularly gruesome as well. Stacy was in her bed reading and the killer shoved the pages of her book down her throat and then cut open her stomach and wrapped her intestines around her neck. The police said that whoever killed her was very angry. The killer left a note that said, “Never again will words be your weapons”.

Meg upon hearing all these just stared at Milton and the others. She could not believe what she was hearing.  Stacy using Words as weapons was something that Meg had written in her diary maybe a month ago.  And where did her week go ? Where did it go? She couldn’t remember.

“Oh My!” Meg gasped. She covered her mouth, turned and ran out of the room.