Diets and Opinions

Diet and Opinon

Diet and OpinonThe thing about diets is everyone has an opinion. Mention a diet; say Atkins and everyone will give an opinion. People will tell you everything from eating just one thing is not good for you, to telling you about the star that may currently be a spokesperson for such diet. The funny thing is that many people who hold strong opinions about a particular diet is usually someone who has not tried the diet, has never researched that particular diet and may or may not know someone who has tried the diet.
I am not exempt either. Take Weight Watchers. I have known many people on Weight Watchers. Many. I have never met one who has lost weight. Up until the time I decided I needed to lose weight that is all I knew about weight watchers, oh, and you got points. And you went to meetings. I dismissed the program summarily because I don’t want to count and go to meetings. Simple as that. I did try to go research the company by going to their website but until you sign up it is a big ass secret. The website is not conducive to research. Too bad. I still only know you can go to meetings in person, on line and you get points.
Speaking of research. I did it, a lot. I looked at many different diets and diet philosophy. Everything form the donut diet to the diet where you eat anything and everything for 3 days then nothing for 4days to the more common and well known diets such as Nutri System and Jenny Craig. All of them are the same thing. The goal is to lose weight by restricting calories and “Junk” fats and carbohydrates. They all recommend exercise and none of them are a magic bullet. Including the pills and supplements that are out there. Many of the teas give you a good colon cleansing and the supplements are about the same. The pills doctors give you o work BUT you also have to restrict your diet and exercise for it to work. Sorry folks no magic.
Some of the places I went looking for, well opinions, on the various diets were forums and blogs. I choose those that were affiliated with health and then went to reading. People are very opinionateed about diets as stated above and some of the reasons folks gave to NOT use a particular diets struck me as dumb. The dumbest was in a blog piece and stated that that a certain diet did not have enough variety of food. The comments on the blog supported her 100% Really? I was a bit dumfounded on that one. Only in America could people who are overweight and trying to lose weight complain about not having enough variety in a diet that was designed to help you control portions, calories and lose weight. There are folks all around the world who have little to no variety in their diets. They manage just fine
After researching diets, I went with one that fit my needs. I got downright honest with myself and wrote down what I needed in order to be successful with a diet. I need one that is convenient. I need one that has me eating every two hours. The two hours thing is recommended by the nutritionist I see for my lung disease. Which brings up another need. With the lung disease, I need to eat at least 1100 calories, eat small amounts every two hours and my diet must have lots of protein in it. Yes, I see a nutritionist and although I feel better following her guidelines, she is more interested in my nutritional needs for chronic disease then my weight. Weight is on me. Literally.
I am losing weight so it must be working. I will not tell you what diet because it does not matter. What matters is that if you want to diet, you must do a few things to have a fighting chance. You must know what it is you want out of diet, you must know what it is you are willing to do and you must be willing to do what takes. You must also, like me, consult with your doctor before doing any weight loss plan. In my case, medicines make it harder and there are nutritional needs I have. You may have the same. It is important to check. All I know right now is I am losing a bit of weight, I am starting to feel a little bit better, and it has only been a little bit since I started.