Internet, Strangers and Real life

I was reading something on the internet about why we talk to strangers online, but not in life. It was a good question and many of the answers were inane. One comment said that it was because we could pick the topics to discuss. If you engaged with a random stranger at the restaurant then you might find you have…



Every morning starts with coffee. Or should it be said that no morning starts unless there is coffee.  Many of us are unable to function without the jumpstart caffeine gives us. In fact, caffeine is the number one sold legal drug in the world. Whether you drink coffee, soda, tea or energy drinks chances are you play a part in the 120000 tons of caffeine consumed each year….

Ivanhoe’s Black Balls

The Ivanhoe reservoir in In Los Angeles is actually a part of the Silver Lake reservoirs.  The Ivanhoe reservoir is separated from Silver Lake by a spillway. The lower lake was named after the 1906 Water Board Commissioner at the time, Herman Silver, and the upper bay was named after the Sir Walter Scott Novel, Ivan hoe.  Both of the…