Another Walk in the Park

I have  been ill so have not been able to do my regular walk until today. It wasn’t much of a walk, just once around.  I still am energy-less, having that dragging ass feeling one gets after an illness that had you on the couch for a week or three. It was wonderful to get outside though. The weather is perfect and as always, I found some interesting things to photograph. This day it seems I was inspired by the little things. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


A Pre-Wish Flower….or commonly called a Dandelion

Ready For Wshing Now

mold and fungus growing on wet board

I am always fascinated by ivy and it it’s ability to grow just about anywhere..even on cement.

Berries among the debris

Agapantha Seeds

As a child I was told that the top parts of acorns were fairy teacups. I don’t know about that but I am positive they were bowls for Barbi

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  1. martin bannon - November 5, 2012 11:46 am

    nice photos

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