Measure E in Dublin, CA

This is an election year, as we all know; there are local issues that are put before the voters. Here, in Dublin, California there is a hot issue. Now allow me to say, that our little city, as on a whole, has never been shy about showing their support for a candidate or an issue presented it. It is not uncommon to drive down and see signs in someone’s yard promoting their favorite thing.


This year is a bit different. I have never seen such controversy in our town. Driving down the street, the majority of yards have signs and each one is a yes or a no. Go down a block and you will see an equal amount of pro and con signs. A lot of them! The issue? Measure E.
Measure East it seems is a measure put before the voters. The question is whether Dublin can issue a general issue bond in the amount of $99,000,000.00. That is a lot of money. The purpose would be to fund specific school facilities projects. What those specific projects are I could not find. It seems it would be for construction on the schools. I do not know if they would be upgraded, retrofitted for earthquake safety or building new schools.

I hate bonds. Bonds are nothing more than loans, usually with horrid interest rates. Seems most folks do not understand that, not mention how the payments are to be made. In this case, again, it will be an increase in property taxes. According to the Voter Pamphlet, this is the increase:
“The best estimate of the average tax rate required to be levied to fund the bonds is 2.9¢ (two point nine cents) per $100.00 (one hundred dollars), which is $29.00 (twenty-nine dollars) per $100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars), of the assessed valuation of taxable property on the County’s official tax rolls.”
The Yes on Measure E group says that not only can the funds not be used for administrator’s salaries and such (this is actually a law) but also it would:
“Help Dublin schools qualify for millions in matching state and federal funds
Ensure developers pay their fair share for school construction when they build homes that increase school enrollment”
The No on Measure E group says the following:
“Measure B&C were supposed to upgrade our classrooms and provide our children with the proper facilities for many years to come. Measure C (approved in 2004) at $184 million was one of the largest bond measures in the history of state education. It has failed to deliver as promised”
It seems that this is very much a hot button issue for our city. It does not surprise me as it is “for the children” campaigning rather than a money issue. It will be interesting to see how the citizens of our fair city vote on this. Myself? I would have to vote no. I believe that there HAVE been many bonds issued in the name of the children and our schools. Moreover, I, as stated earlier, hate high priced loans, especially in this age of economic hardships for many. Bonds=Taxes even if they are hidden within property taxes.

Click HERE for Voter Pamphlet on Measure E

2 thoughts on “Measure E in Dublin, CA”

  1. WolfyLion - May 24, 2012 12:05 am

    I do understand why Dublin high would need so much cash? Giving it more unfunded money seems silly and probably wont rank our high school higher….

    DHS is already #4 in California and #12 in nation. ( )

    1. T Whitaker - May 24, 2012 12:18 am

      I actually agree. I think that B and C monies were not spent wisely. And when is the last time property taxes went down? $29 raise per $100,000 assessment of property value….yep look for at minimum $60 increase in tax.

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