22 Days Til Christmas

Christmas tree

Christmas treeThere are twenty two days until Christmas. It being a late Thanksgiving really pushed up the whole Christmas shopping thing. I am ok with it. I have decided that this year I was going to enjoy Christmas…all of it. The madness of the mall, the decorations, the songs (even the cheesy ones i have heard over and over again in every store), all of it! In that spirit I have decided I was going share some thing Christmas about my past.

When I was younger we did not have real Christmas trees. Living in Hawaii, real Christmas trees were a bit of a luxury. There really wasn’t a lot of pine trees growing on the island.  Being military family we really did not have the money to buy those that were available. SO our tree came from a box that was stored…well I don’t really remember where it was was stored.  It just showed up  Thanksgiving.

Being on the little ones I did not get to have much a hand in the assembly of the tree, but I did have a hand with the decorating. I always thought it was cool how we had kids that could reach the top of the tree and kids who could reach the bottom and all the space in between as well. With a family christmas treeof seven there was plenty of hands to go around and decorate. I was always excited for the tree to go up because, of course, a tree was necessary for Santa to come and put presents under.

I was an adult before I had a real tree. I must say they smell wonderful and the feel of the needles. I have had many trees since. Sometimes we got trees that dropped needles faster than we could decorate and sometimes we got trees that were all sappy. We have gotten some that were fully and lovely and some that had that weird bad spot that no one saw at the lot. Whatever the tree, it was awesome and makes my house smell amazing.  Oh and , of course a place to for Santa to put presents under.

christmas tree