I have been taking a walk for my health and  to lose weight.  While my main exercise has been walking I have added other things as well. I go swimming, workout on the rowing machine now and then, the treadmill once in a while. All the other exercises are to break up the monotony. I know if I get bored I will quit….



Every morning starts with coffee. Or should it be said that no morning starts unless there is coffee.  Many of us are unable to function without the jumpstart caffeine gives us. In fact, caffeine is the number one sold legal drug in the world. Whether you drink coffee, soda, tea or energy drinks chances are you play a part in the 120000 tons of caffeine consumed each year….

Annie and the End of the World 3

Annie and the end of the world

Annie heard screaming. It was her voice.  She was sitting on the floor screaming.  Strong arms were holding her, a man’s voice murmuring something. Annie thought how nice it was to be held in arms that made you feel safe.  Safe. What a minute, Annie jump up breaking the connection she had felt with the arms. “What are you trying…