What Do You Mean That Aint True or How Wrong You Are

There are certain things we have always heard and always have believed to be true, until all of a sudden , one day, when we are just walking around, minding our own business, we discover that the thing we thought was right was wrong. Things like………. BUCKLES? WE DON’T NEED NO STEEKIN’ BUCKLES OR HOW WHAT THE WELL DRESSED PILGRIM…

Timing Is Everything or The Story of Shorty, Ed And The Town Of Rhyolite

In 1904 Shorty Harris and Ed Cross, both prospectors, found gold near the town of Beatty.  The well liked and popular, Shorty Harris, was quite the character and it was said the 5’4” prospector could smell gold. Although shorty had several good claims he never worked or developed the claims, instead he preferred to drink at the saloon regaling the…


My mom is losing her memories. While I was there last time I listened as she tried to remember the right word or even what she was saying.  How precious are our memories. On my mother’s walls are pictures of the family. She has pictures of all of us kids, from the time we were babies to more recent times….

If I Had A Hammer And Maybe A Screwdriver

A while back,I received an envelope from one of those clearing house sweepstakes. You know the kind, they advertise you can win millions of dollars if you fill out the sweepstakes, find and paste special stickers, and oh hey, while you’re at it check out these magazines and these super duper products. I am sure you know what I mean….