Every morning starts with coffee. Or should it be said that no morning starts unless there is coffee.  Many of us are unable to function without the jumpstart caffeine gives us. In fact, caffeine is the number one sold legal drug in the world. Whether you drink coffee, soda, tea or energy drinks chances are you play a part in the 120000 tons of caffeine consumed each year….

Annie and the End of the World 4

Annie and the end of the world

Annie sighed. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately, she thought. “What do you want to do?” Arthur’s voice interrupted her thoughts. She sighed again. Annie knew she had to go after the kids, at least make sure they were doing alright. They looked healthy enough.  Yet, it was the right thing to do. “Guess we got…

Olympic Sports That Have Faded Away.


I have been watching the the 2016 Summer Olympics.  I have enjoyed them immensely , but eventually at some point my honey and I start to discuss events or rules. Then , because I am me, I have to look it up.  Its a weird little exercise. We were enjoying watching the sport before the discussion and  enjoyed them after.  I…

Annie and the End of the World 3

Annie and the end of the world

Annie heard screaming. It was her voice.  She was sitting on the floor screaming.  Strong arms were holding her, a man’s voice murmuring something. Annie thought how nice it was to be held in arms that made you feel safe.  Safe. What a minute, Annie jump up breaking the connection she had felt with the arms. “What are you trying…

Olympic Medals

1896 medals

I guess any good blogger, at least any one worth their salt, would have a post about the Olympics. I mean, they only come around every two years. Yes, two years.  The winter and the summer games are staggered so we have them every two years. In 2018, we shall have the winter games. The highlight of every game played is…

Gems And Rocks 1

stone-271752_960_720 (1)

This might be a rather long post so I am going to split it into hopefully only two posts.I am going to talk about  what is a gem and what is just a rock. Don’t get me wrong. A pretty rock is still a pretty rock. However I  buy a lot of beads and I would like to know what I am…

Food Labels: What They Really Mean


When we go the grocery store, no matter if it is a mom and pop or a large corporation or even a natural food store,there are a ton of labels on our food now. Most of them are meant to get you to buy the products.  The labels have changed over the years. People are interested in buying Organic, grass fed, cage…