News You May Have Missed 5/23-5/29


ELEPHANT BORROWS GOPRO AND TAKES ELPHIE WITH TOURIST Christian LeBlanc was in Thailand with his  girlfriend. Exploring one of the Islands when they came across some elephants where for 50 cents they could buy a basket of bananas to feed to the elephants. They were on vacation, so of course, they bought the Bananas. Things were going along nicely when one of the elephants…

Ice Rider 3

ice snow horses

He talked too much. Seth was veritable fountain of useless information and endless questions. Toddlers were quieter.  Sebella found it difficult to listen to the Ice, to feel the air around her. This was the reason her trainer told her she must get good at blocking distractions. She was never good at it and now she wished she had paid…

Carnegie SVRA


My husband has dirt biked ever since he was a little boy , and when my son was old enough he was taught to dirt bike. It was a underhanded, sneaky way to keep the son busy. If you are riding every weekend and when you are not riding you are getting your bike ready to ride,

Baby Animals In The Womb


Do you remember the image of the elephant fetus in the womb pictured above? I  do.  I love baby animals and I though it was pretty cool. The picture comes from a documentary by National Geographic called ‘Extraordinary Animals in the Womb’ from 2006. I am unable to find the original footage but you can certainly watch other footage of “In the Womb” at I really remember…