Weight Loss


When I was trying to quit smoking I wrote a lot about what was going inside of me as I tried to quit and after I quit. I was really quite frank on my challenges and feelings. Honestly, I probably sounded a bit like a crazy woman. Well, I am now trying to lose weight, so yep you guessed it….

News You May Have Missed 7/4 Edition


BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY MADE  A MONOPOLY/TAX IMPOSED After the disaster of the Townshend Act, Lord North has decided to make the British East India company a monopoly whilst imposing a modest Tea Tax. “Surely the colonists would like to pay much less for Tea and in gratitude be willing to pay their fair share in taxes to the Crown.” Prime Minister…

Ice Rider 7

ice snow horses

Sebella and her two charges walked slowly towards where the Ravagers had disappeared. Picking up speed and finally running, they all stopped at a wall of ice. The ice stood straight up, it hurt Sebella’S neck to look up to the top “Stay here” she whispered to the other two. She was not sure why she was whispering, but it…

The Crackpot Inventor, Bryan Mumford


The inventor, Bryan Mumford is known for some crazy inventions. That’s not how he started out though.  Originally, in the 1970’s Mumford made instruments, string instruments that is.  He made  Mountain Dulcimers, hammered Dulcimers, Hummels, Guitars, Salterios, Psalteries, Santirs, and and the non-string instruement.  The Amazing Puny Tune Miniature Flute.  The instruments were very popular with musicans such as Donovan, Joni…

News You May Have Missed 6/19 – 6/26


40 YEAR OLD MEAT CONFISCATED IN CHINA There were some Chinese bad guys who found some frozen meat from the 1970’s. Amazed at their good fortune they were on their way to the market in order to sell it. The meat was bound to be sold in  restaurants, supermarkets and retailers.   Customs officer told Xinhua, a state-run Chinese newspaper, that they found…

Jurassic Park, Jurassic World Possible?


I just saw the movie Jurassic World. Must say I enjoyed it. In fact I enjoyed all the Jurassic movies but the question always comes to my mind is, is it possible? Can we make a Jurassic Park with all the fixings? The dinosaurs, the plants, etc.? Is it possible? Well let’s break it down. In the original movie, Jurassic…

Ice Rider 6

ice snow horses

Miriam slept forever. Well at least it felt like that. Sebella never liked to do nothing and she did not like the company of other people to much either. It made her anxious. Where she came from everyone was family, but no one invaded your space. If you wished to be with people you could if you wish to sit…

The Battle of New Orleans


“In 1814 we took a little trip Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip We took a little bacon and we took a little beans And we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans”   The song the Battle of New Orleans’ sung by Johnny Horton, although a fun song, speaks of a very real battle….